“Which Bike Are You On?”


Flywheel is near and dear to us, so when I was asked to write a blog about couples that fly together, it was a no brainer!

Here’s my blog which also appears in the Official Flywheel Blog:

“Which Bike Are You On?”

My relationship with Flywheel began last year as a one time deal. But shortly after panting and sweating my butt off I discovered it would be more than just a one day love affair. Let me back up a bit and give you some background about my fitness history. Between my husband and I we held 5 gym memberships. He used 1 of the two memberships he held (but the second membership was a default gym because it was our social club). Yes, this is embarrassing, but I used zero of the three memberships I held. Ben had a daily routine at Fitcorp which consisted of weights and cardio. It was so close to our apartment, that even on the snowiest of days, he could get to the gym easily—without walking outside. As a Christmas gift one year he gave me a Fitcorp membership. I think the gift was really for him because he wanted me to get in shape. So I used it for about one week and then returned to my sedentary lifetstyle.

IMG_9945on our way past Fitcorp to Flywheel

When we heard that Flywheel was moving in next to Isis Maternity, we were very intrigued by it. What better location for a workout spot than right next to a place where lots of women who want to get in shape go. I was one of those women. Having had two kids in the past 3 years, and having basically stopped working out for no good reason—well, maybe the 6 week recovery after a C-section warrants a 6 week grace period, but by no means does it warrant the over extended years of not working out that it turned into.

IMG_9959getting our sneaks on in the Flywheel window-front lounge next to the former Isis location.

IMG_9406complimentary sneaks IMG_9407complimentary organic bananas

Neither of us had done spinning in the past, so when we got invited to try Flywheel out, we were a bit afraid. The last time we rode bikes was on a rental tandem bike in Martha’s Vineyard at our wedding. Ben did most of the pedaling, as I coasted along in the back with my feet propped up on the handlebars–I think we almost fell over in the street once. Our biking skills were not that strong. That first session literally kicked our butts. I wasn’t really able to prop my feet up on the handlebars, and it probably would have been frowned upon if I HAD! Upon exiting the stadium, we laughed with Dan, the general manager of Flywheel, about how our butts hurt. He told us that we might be in pain that night but then showed us the “butt pads” for the bikes and claimed our derrieres would no longer be sore. He was right.

IMG_9156butt pad basket at entrance of stadium

Our butts are way less sore and Ben is actually 16 pounds lighter. He lost it within weeks of joining Flywheel, simply pedaling 3-4 times a week. It’s a real testament to how successful the program can be. I’m actually finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Something I thought I’d never accomplish.

IMG_9154Ben 16 lbs lighter in his POWER UP tee won by completing 3000 points in one month.

IMG_9989me at my pre-baby weight! IMG_9998 Ben ready to roll.

We’ve made many great friends at the Flywheel stadium. Some of the instructors have even attended Ben’s book launch parties. I think Colin had more fans at the party than Ben did! We could hear the buzz amongst the crowd , instead of “is that Ben Mezrich author of Seven Wonders?” it was “Is that Colin from Flywheel?”

Needless to say we ended up cancelling our other gym memberships. An in-and-out workout of 45 minutes fit our lifestyle. We also liked going together to classes. Having that time together motivated us to motivate each other to go. Having the ap on our iphones made it even easier to schedule bikes.   Seeing each others appointments in our ical was another great motivating factor. I am waiting for the part where they list the bike number in the ical appointment so that we know which bike to book instead of having to yell across the house, ”which bike are you on?”


Tonya Mezrich

by Tonya Mezrich