To Tree or not to Tree…


So today, as I was strolling down the street and contemplating how many chanukkah gifts I had yet to give to the kids, which ones would be given on which day, I was pondering a more important question: where should I put all of these gifts?? I think passing these beautiful trees in front of Cartier might have been the stimulus of this.


In the past, a perfect place would have been under the tree. But today, I have (or haven’t) decided that we would not have a christmas tree at our home.

This harmless little pagan tradition has been a subject of great discussion in our family.


Last year, the year that my son was starting to understand the whole holiday thing, I made a conscious decision not to put up a christmas tree. All of our chanukkah decorations were in the christmas tree box. In haste, my husband pulled them all out, leaving the box strewn open in his man cave. His parents came to stay with us around that same time and BUSTED us for trying to “hide” the christmas tree! We were “getting in trouble” for having a christmas tree the one year we actually didn’t! As you can imagine, I felt like this was the go ahead to have a Christmas tree, since if we were going to get in trouble for having one, we might as well have been able to enjoy the benefits of having one!


This isn’t our tree. But as you can see, our son gets great joy out of them!


I’m still wondering: To Tree or Not to Tree… and I still don’t know where to put the plethora of chanukah gifts! I’m open to any suggestions…

IMG_1737chanukah crafts

IMG_1731getting my grease on (my hair still stinks! as does that dress!)

IMG_1752a doggie menorah, homemade sufagniyot, aka beignets according to my Louisiana gal pal Ashley.


Happy holidays!



by Tonya Mezrich