#msfitforsociety hosts fashion presentation at Intermix


A few nights ago I was invited to attend a fashion presentation at Intermix with the most fit women in Boston. Daunting, yes. What was a woman to wear to a fashion night out where you knew hard bodies would be surrounding you everywhere? A birthday suit? No. A sexy dress? No. A Stella McCartney tassel shirt? No, was the operative answer from both Nicole and Ben as I made my way out into the living room, tasseled up. (My friend Nicole came over beforehand to help with the rugrats, and to be my fashion advisor in trade for a can of beer.) I know, not so glamorous, where was the champagne when we needed it?

Maybe it was the sporty pants I had paired with the shirt. I wanted so badly to wear my new purchase from Kitson, but alas it got negged for a pair of Member’s Only leather leggings from years ago on Shopbop. There is something to be said about “oldie but goodie”–I’m finding that more and more this is my mantra.

In the end, this is what I ended up with. A nod to the recently deceased L’Wren Scott and a #tbt with my old leather leggings. As you can see I’m surrounded by fit well exercised bodies! Does osmosis apply here? Wishful thinking…


We got to hang out with this glamazon, head Flywheel instructor Christina. I wanted her outfit so badly, but sadly they didn’t have my size.


So you’re asking, “Where did all these hard bodied ladies come from?” The fit girls of Boston who were the models at the show were rounded up by Jessica and Alisa, very stylish mommy bloggers who hand picked instructors from Flywheel, Barrys Bootcamp, and SCLA to name a few. And, to make us feel even better about our purchases, 10% of the proceeds went to Tedy’s Team, a charity geared towards educating people about the signs of Stroke. I learned from Jessica’s blog and my cousin’s experience, that it can happen to anyone, not just an older person.

IMG_9392Alisa, #msfitforsociety blogger.

The night was a huge success. I saw lots of clothing being purchased. My other friend-another Nicole, got a sweet hook and eye dress by Rag and Bone. I ended up with a gorgeous dress by Thakoon and some ripped jeans and a plaid shirt that I really didn’t need, but yes, it was the first time since 2009 that I had purchased any jeans—so it was about time. (backstory: I’ve been having babies since 2009, and put a moratorium on any new clothing purchases until I had gotten back to my pre-baby weight. I recently accomplished this thanks to Flywheel! More on that story in a later blog). The sales girl at Intermix was right–those ripped jeans can really go with just about anything. They are as comfortable as leggings. I think I am going to live in them.

Here I am living in them.



by Tonya Mezrich