Home for the Little Wanderers Gingerbread Decorating Party at Showcase Legacy Place


Do you want to build a snowman?

IMG_1344This team at the Home for the Little Wanderers annual Gingerbread Decorating Party certainly did! They even built a beautiful Frozen themed house to go with their Olaf snowman. The annual event has grown tremendously over the past few years. I was honored to take part as a Local Personality, and got to decorate once again at the Coldwell Banker table!  The event is the kick off for The Home’s annual Big Wishes Gift Drive that helps make children’s holiday dreams come true.

IMG_1346 Ran into Kelly Breslow, wife of Red Sox pitcher Craig Breslow, who spearheaded another table .

IMG_1343 ours didn’t quite look as elaborate as this Minions house with built in LED screen….

IMG_1341 My son was mesmerized by it… I can see why.


Here we are concentrating and somehow not consuming every decoration in front of us.IMG_1325 Our theme was decidedly “Dentist’s Delight”, coined by table host, Davenport of Coldwell Banker.IMG_1322 ok…maybe a few malted milk balls didn’t make it onto the house…

and this young decorator was taking notes from Miss Massachusetts as she licked her frosting fingers!IMG_1318

this young table host was intent on putting on just the right marshmallow!IMG_1316

our Wink and Nod chef had such a steady hand at frosting our roof. Mine would have looked exactly like that.IMG_1303

Jasper White from Summer Shack came by too, luckily he didn’t use any live lobster shells on his house. I forgot to tell him that my kids are obsessed with his mac and cheese.IMG_1311

We even had some fabulous writers in the house, Jonathan Sorroff, showed us some unique decorating skills using swedish fish to fashion flowers. Mrs. Julie Gordon, co-chair of the event managed to stay fabulous and unfettered by the sugar and candies.IMG_1313

Frozen was EVERYWHERE! A girl’s paradise. IMG_1314

and I mean EVERYWHERE! IMG_1315 IMG_1302 piping icing isn’t that hard!

good thing we had these aprons. IMG_1301 IMG_1300 our team Coldwell Banker, rocked the house! IMG_1297

IMG_1340left with lovely full bellies thanks to Showcase Cinema De Lux!


You can use this for inspiration for your own gingerbread decorating at home this year. Happy decorating!




by Tonya Mezrich