Clue Murder Mystery Party at the Georgantis’


_DSC0681photo by Eric levin

We got invited to this awesome murder mystery party at our friends the Georgantis’. Ben was assigned Mr. Wadsworth, none of us knew beforehand who anyone was…


Bill thought HE was Wadsworth, so arrived with white gloves from Chynna’s Cotillion. He handed them over to Ben who was a little scared to wear used gloves during flu season, but obliged anyways.


here were our clues

and our beautiful hostess, Elizabeth Georgantis and Riccardo, striking a selfie pose


Lisa Pierpont, the editor of Boston Common Magazine, came for the early portion of the night to oversee the photoshoot.IMG_9650

liz made these delicious hors d’oeuvres…and when I was out of character I stuffed about 6 of these into my mouth.


then mid caviar bite, a SURPRISE guest arrived at the door…IMG_9654

she was swiftly shot with the gun by Mr. Green.

Then we proceeded upstairs so Eric Levin could capture the other moment of the night. (Ben was asked to hold a tray of authentic Clue Murder Weapons, which weighed about 75lbs).


(check out the shot Eric got in the new Heidi Klum Boston Common Issue)


can you guess who I was?


Mrs. Peacock only wears the finest garments by Michael DePaulo.IMG_9674 IMG_9680 …and only dines on the finest china and table linens.

IMG_9681 IMG_9682

and only wears the most perfectly peacock fascinators that she borrows from her friend Ashley.IMG_9683 IMG_9695

and knows to get her hair perfectly coiffed by Violet at Mario Russo.



_DSC0668photo by Eric Levin

by Tonya Mezrich